We strive to offer traditional materials, but unfortunately some already disappeared from the market and it is not possible to manufacture them or only at high cost.

We attach care labels and regional names to the materials we sell.


100% cotton, width 90, 140 and 150 cm. Various patterns.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k82-barchety-platna-bavnena.html


100% cotton, width 140 cm.

Batistes are usually white, used for shirts, ladies’ shirts and baby clothes.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k81-batisty-platna-bavlnena.html

Cotton tulle

100% cotton, width is 140 cm, white, cream and dark brown color.

Extremely airy fabric used for embroidery, some parts of the folk costume and lace.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k102-tyl-bavlneny.html


Mainly we offer so called heavy brocades (viscose rayon + cellulose acetate) with floral motifs, some interwoven with lurex. Suitable for costume skirts, vests, period clothing, etc.

We offer also wide variety of lightweight brocades with range of colours and motifs – viscose rayon, mixed (viscose rayon + cotton) and polyester.


100% cotton, width 140 - 160 cm


100% cotton, width 150 cm. Fabric pleasant to the touch in various colors used on trousers, waistcoats etc.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k91-dyftyny-latky.html


100% cotton, width is 90 and 140 cm.

Monochrome and with different patterns. We also have a children's patterns.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k79-flanely-platna-bavlnena.html


100% polyester, width 145 cm.

Dress material used primarily for the production of costume skirt. Large selection of colors.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k23-gabardeny-latky-materialy.html


100% cotton, width 140 - 160 cm. Various colors and patterns.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k9-kanafasy-latky.html


100% wool or polyester, width 150 cm.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k21-kasmiry-kasmirove-latky.html


100% cotton, width 140 - 150 cm.

Cream, black, white and brownblack color.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k93-klot-podsivky.html


100% cotton, widht 90 and 140 cm.

Various patterns and colors, it's often used for a prodution of bed linen.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k77-krepy-bavlnene-platna.html


100% cotton or mixture of cotton, viscose and polyester, widht 140 cm.

Fabric with full pattern produced by machine embroidery. It's used for aprons or skirts.E-shop:



Manchester velvet

100% cotton, width 90 and 150 cm.

Monochromatic also with small flower patterns.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k76-manzestry-platna.html


100% cotton, width 85 and 132 cm.

Traditional hand-printed fabric with variety of motifs.

Small pattern fabric sold by meter or semi-finished aprons with three-sided border.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k20-modrotisk-latky-s-modrotiskem.html


100% cotton, width 150 cm, only white color.

Very fine fabric used for ladies’ shirts, aprons and skirts.

We offer variety of embroidered muslin motifs.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k99-muselin-vysivany.html

Printed cotton canvas

100% cotton, width 90, 140 and 150 cm.

Various colors and patterns.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k73-platna-bavlnena---tisky.html

We also offer canvas with children's motifs or with a satin finish.

Monochromatic canvas

100% canvas, width 80 - 150 cm, various colors.

Color canvas are not yet in our e-shop.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k78-jednobarevne-platna-bavlnena.html

Canvas linen

100% linen or mixture of linen and cotton.

Various weight and width.

We offer in white, cream, natural, black and some pastel colors.

Traditional fabric suitable for shirts, blouses and trousers.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k71-platna-lnena.html


100% cotton, width 150 cm.

High quality cotton fabric, we mainly offer black and white.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k70-popeliny-a-kosiloviny.html


100% cotton, width 150 cm, various colors.

Suitable for vests, skirts or bodice.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k166-samety-bavlnene.html


100% cotton or cotton+viscose, width 140 - 160 cm.

100% polyester, width 150 cm.

Various colors.

Not yet in our eshop.


100% cotton, width 150 cm.

Also called "vaper", "glass" or "patis".

It is a very fine, almost sheer fabric, used for ladies’ shirts, aprons, skirts, handkerchiefs, etc.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k74-sklenny-mol.html

Polyester silk

100% polyester, width 150 cm.

Mainly used for skirts and aprons.

We offer white, pink and light green.

Not yet in our eshop.

(plain) Cloth

Mixture of wool (80%) and polyester (20%) or 100% wool, width 138 and 150 cm.

Various weight 580 - 720 - 950 g/linear meter.

Traditional woolen fabric in various colors used for sewing trousers, jackets, coats and uniforms.

E-shop: http://obchod.kroje.cz/k54-sukno-folklorni.html

Bed tick

100% cotton, width 92, 100, 140 and 163 cm.

Pink, blue also with pattern, natural.

Not yet in our eshop.


100% polyester, width 140 cm.

It is suitable for party dresses, ladies costume aprons.

Not yet in our eshop.


Wool with polyester, width 140-150 cm, various colors.

Not yet in our eshop.


Cotton + polyester, width 140 cm.

Various colors.

Not yet in our eshop.

Folk costumes

Since 1998, we have specialized in materials for folk costumes.

We offer almost complete and comprehensive range of materials for the production of folk costumes. Preferably made of natural materials by traditional techniques. To accommodate specific orders for our customers, we also arrange for custom-made goods sold by the meter, laces, galloons, ribbons, scarves, etc. from local or foreign manufacturers.


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